Do I Need A Website If I Have a Facebook Page?

So this is the one question I get from people the most when it comes to building a website for their brand. My answer to the question is typically the same for everyone.

This question is fundamentally flawed because it’s not a question of Facebook vs. Website. These two items actually should be used in unison with one another rather than being looked at as a competition. Facebook and a website have many pros and cons that can make it worthwhile to have both of them set up. I’m going to cover some of the different ways you can utilize the two places together to create harmony with your brand.

Facebook can be a great content funnel.

When you talk marketing you will typically hear about funnels quite often. Using your Facebook following as a part of your own funnel can be a great strategy to employ. The top of the funnel is market awareness, using a huge site like Facebook can really give you a boost in that regard.

If you’re someone that writes blogs has a lot of video content than it may be beneficial to direct users away from Facebook and over to your own personal website. The Facebook format doesn’t look the best for longer articles so it might make a lot more sense to push interested users over to your website. From there you’ll have a lot more options for formatting and branding your content.

I also think Facebook is a great place to offer up free content that your users will find useful and share. When users share items on Facebook it creates instant discoverability to reach more people. If you become well known for providing awesome free content or advice you may become known as a bit of an expert in your industry. If this occurs you can always offer up premium services as well, this is where the website comes in. Whether you’re selling ad space, consultations, or physical products; this is going to be much easier from your own platform.

One final way I’ll mention to help use Facebook as a funnel is to create some awesome promotional content to share onto the platform. If you’re pushing a fun product you might make a cool video showcasing people using your product to do amazing things. Of course if the content is sharable it can easily reach thousands or even millions of potential customers. Once they’re aware of your product you can use your presence over on Facebook to direct them onto your site where they can purchase your product or learn more information.

Facebook Is a Noisy Platform, You’re Website is Not.

Facebook is active with over 2 Billion users monthly. That’s billion with a B guys, so just about anyone you could think of is on the platform. Don’t let this fool you though, while Facebook has a lot of users they also have a lot of noise along with it. The algorithm only shows your content to people that like your Facebook Page and even then not everyone will see it. With all of the posts users put on the site daily the algorithm is designed to show users the types of content the system thinks users will enjoy. Unfortunately this means that sometimes your content will get passed by unseen by many, if not most, of your page fans unless you’re willing to shell out some money for promotion.

On the other hand with a website you have complete control over the content on your page. When a visitor goes to your website they’re going to see the information you want them to see based on how you place them in the web design. This is a fantastic feature if you’re trying to promote a product, grow a newsletter list, or encourage users to view a specific video. You also don’t have to worry about other creators content being shown alongside yours, this is your space and everything on there can reflect that.

Facebook integrates with websites easily.

Thankfully Facebook plays very nicely with websites. If you have a site built on the WordPress platform you can easily add plugins to connect your website directly to your Facebook. This makes is much easier to share blog posts automatically, give users the option to share your content to Facebook, and so much more. You can even hook your feed up directly to your website which can be extremely beneficial when it comes to keeping visitors up to date. For example, if your news feed displays on your website you can easily update both locations simply by posting on your Facebook. This can be a great option for someone that wants to keep an updated web site, but doesn’t have the time or resources to continuously update multiple places.

On the other hand it also makes it easier for site visitors to keep updated about your business. They may not log in to your website every single day, but there’s a great chance that they are actively checking their Facebook on a regular basis. So adding a like button onto your site can increase your ability to stay in front of the consumers eyes.

Facebook can make customer support easier

With Facebook constantly improving upon their Messenger service it can make a fantastic way for you to keep in touch with customers. You might sell products on your webpage, but can easily handle many of the support issues or questions over on your Facebook page. If you choose to do this you could actually eliminate your need to have a separate chat program on your company website. Perhaps the best part of using Facebook Messenger (besides the fact that it’s free) as a support option is that it is easily usable on virtually all platforms and is maintained very well by Facebook.

Facebook does have an article that talks about some of the benefits for using them as a customer support option. Some of the great messenger features that could be beneficial to your business include:

  • Welcome greetings for users engaging you on messenger.
  • Auto replies that can be sent when users send you a message.
  • The ability to write away messages when you’re out of the office.
  • Easily gather customer info from their profile.
  • Save replies to use later for similar questions.


So as you can see the question shouldn’t be Do I Need a Website If I Have a Facebook?, but should instead be How Can I Better Integrate My Facebook With My Website?

If you’re interested in finding out how Facebook and a Website can work together to better suit your business needs than Contact Me in order to request a premium consultation to discuss your options.