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Logo & Graphic Design

Become Unique From the Rest

Having an online presence is important. However it is just as important to keep your online image unique. With a custom logo and artwork for your social media locations you can keep yourself seperated from the pack.

The Design Work To Set Yourself Apart


  • Low Hourly Rates for Custom Work
  • Flat Rate Pricing for Simple Designs
  • Package Deals for Social Media
  • Service Contracts Available


  • Made Using Adobes CC Suite
  • Logos Come in SVG Formats
  • Unlimited Revisions on Designs*
  • Full Print and Usage Rights Included


  • Designed to Look Good on All Devices
  • Custom Made to Fit Properly
  • Logos Scalable to Any Size**
  • Available for all major social media sites

*Unlimited Revisions applies to one design. This includes color tweaks or simple changes. Full design changes may incur additional fees.
**Logos come in .SVG format. This allows the logo size to change without loss of clarity.

My goal with Eric Miner Media is to help businesses and creators reach their goals using the web.  Call today and I’ll help you too. (724) 572-6244


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