Tips on Limiting Your Distractions and Getting Things Done

Social Media is a great tool that we can all use to make our lives better, but the same tool that can help us can also be our worst enemy. Working for yourself and starting a business can seem like a great idea to so many of us, but it’s very important that we remain disciplined and audit ourselves to keep productivity high. When you’re on a computer most of the day it’s very easy to be distracted by social media and phone usage. In fact, Facebook reports that the average user spends around 50 minutes on the platform daily. If you’re using sites like Facebook for a lot of non-work related items than you could be wasting a lot of productivity on Cat videos and Dank memes.

So how do we limit our distractions and keep ourselves on track? Well here are a few tips that might for you some of you in reducing those awful, time wasting distractions. Follow this list and before you know it you can turn into a lean, mean, productivity machine. Enough of that, here’s the list.

Use Do Not Disturb on your Phone.

Androids and iPhones both have a Do No Disturb feature on them. This feature will prevent certain programs from alerting you with unnecessary notifications and it can be even set to block calls if you really want to focus some. You can customize the settings to prevent yourself from missing truly important information, but it’s great for blocking out a lot of the garbage that wastes your time.

Use Do Not Disturb Mode on Apple iPhone, iPod, and iPad.

Use Do Not Disturb Mode on Android Devices

Schedule your social media posts.

Sometimes I find myself logging into Twitter or Facebook so I can post on my business accounts. The only problem is that 40 minutes later I finally get around to doing it. By using a program like Hootsuite or Buffer to schedule tweets and posts in advance you can eliminate the need for you to log into your accounts throughout the day.

Usually I’ll pick one day of the week when I sit down and schedule any posts for the entire week. This not only keeps you free to do other things the rest of the week, but it keeps your content on social media consistent and fresh.

Turn off TV and Music

The good old boob tube can be quite the distraction for sure. Turning it off along with a radio can really help boost your productivity. Although some people swear music helps them get things done, if this is the case for you than go for it.

I just find that whenever I am getting into an article writing session that I can not concentrate well with a television set playing. I can ignore it well, but certainly not 100%. So stay away from this and you should hopefully notice some increased productivity.

Schedule Specific Email and Social Media Time.

It’s so easy to check our email and social media accounts anytime we want, but should we really do that? Many successful people will tell you to set aside a specific time of day for checking emails, social media accounts, and the like. You can check your emails a few times a day, but try not to make it a habit of doing it constantly throughout the day. Stay focused on more important things that are going to be more beneficial to your business.

Try out the Pomodoro Technique

This is a simple technique that many people use. Basically the Pomodoro technique involves working on one thing for a 25 minute span and then following it with a short 5 minute break. Repeat this process as long as you need to in order to get things done.

This could be good for writing or even around the house dealing with chores. Although I don’t personally use this technique in my process I do feel that it could be beneficial to some so I’ve decided to include it in my post.



So hopefully these tips can help you become a better, more productive version of your already awesome self. If you have your own tips and tricks for keeping on task and avoiding distraction than stop holding out on us. I want to hear all about your advice in the comments section below.

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