Give Up! Getting to be Your Own Boss Sooner.

So are you trying to become your own boss by running your own online empire? Well you should give up! Here’s what I mean and here is how it can help you get to your goals sooner.

When I say give up I obviously don’t mean to give up on your dream of becoming your own boss. It’s a play on words that hopefully can gain some attention. Instead I am talking about giving up the silly things that are running you into some money that could keep you from ditching your employer sooner than you’d like.

Think about it, if you’re blowing money on stupid things that aren’t really necessary than you could be delaying (or even killing) your ability to branch out on your own. It’s time to take some inventory on your budget and figure out what fat you can cut in order to start keeping more of your hard earned money in your pocket. Once you’ve cut some items out of there you didn’t need you can actually be your own boss sooner since you won’t require as much money to live day to day.

I know some of you may say to me: “Eric, I love my Starbucks. I feel like I deserve that little bit of extra to keep me sane.”

Hey I agree with you! You shouldn’t cut your budget down to a point where you’re miserable, but also you can try to cut things down, but not entirely. For example I love to dine out and enjoy someone else cooking, but if I can cut that in half I can still get my fix without having to spend an entire fortune on dining bills. So in the case of your Starbucks addiction I would say moderation is the key.

It all comes down to priority in the end. What’s your biggest priority? Having your Latte every single morning or being able to make all your own rules? If you find more joy in a cup of Espresso than I have no issue with that, just don’t complain on your Twitter about how much you hate your employer.

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