4 Perfect Reasons to Use Lists in Your Videos

So here’s an article on lists and why they’re great for your videos. Get this, the article about how lists are great is indeed a list itself! Oh the irony here! So I have 4 great reasons for using lists in your videos.

1. It will keep your information organized.

So if you’re putting things into a list than you will have an organization. For example, this article covers 5 key points on why I feel lists are amazing to use. If I didn’t put it in a list format I could be all over the place, but since it’s organized into a list it keeps things right in place where they belong.

So don’t wander all over the place in your videos. Use lists to keep yourself organized.

2. People Like Structure

People enjoy knowing what to expect when they tune in for a video. If I post a video that is called Top 10 things you need in your daily life than you know exactly what to expect. What happens after I reveal #3 on my video? I bet you’d probably guess that the reveal of #2 is up next. So this gives your videos a nice level of structure that is easy to follow for people.

3. It keeps users hooked onto your video.

Since people like structure and know what to expect in your video it should be no suprise that list videos can keep users attention more. Even if a list of “10 Favorite free PC programs” would include things that don’t interest you; you may still stick around to see the other 9 programs.

On YouTube retention and watch time is king. So being able to cast out that hook and reel in users can really pay off big dividends for you.

4. Statistically it is more clickable.

Making a list video and using some numbers in the title is not just a good idea, it’s a freaking great idea. Independent studies have proven that number based titles are more clickable in test groups. Seeing that most people see the title and thumbnail first, it wouldn’t hurt to use this to your advantage. Take the following title names for example:

  • 6 ways to make the most amazing Martinis
  • Ways you can make your Martini more amazing
  • How to make some amazing Martinis
  • Ways to make a Martini amazing
  • Are your Martinis as amazing at these ones?

According to the people involved in the study, there is a huge preference towards the titles with numbers in them. In fact, this list is in order by effectiveness. It surprised me because I always thought my question titles were awesome. Apparently no one else thinks so.


So there you go, 4 reasons you need to start pumping out the list articles. Take a close look at news articles, YouTube videos, and search results. Before long you’ll notice so many people are using this list format to their advantage.

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