Do You Have The Grit to Make It? – Entrepreneurship Dictionary


When I hear the word Grit I immediately think of someone like John Wayne or someone in an action movie that fights all of the odds to become the victor. In many ways, Grit is not always as glorious as the sports star that overcame injury to win a championship. Grit is not always right in your face like the solider pushing through a battle to save lives. Sometimes grit is subtle, sometimes grit goes unnoticed by people because they’re just not looking hard enough. Regardless of how grit is shown, it is a crucial trait for someone looking to be a successful entrepreneur. In fact it’s so important that I decided it had to be the first entry in this series: The Entrepreneurship Dictionary.

Merriam-Webster defines Grit as such:

firmness of mind or spirit :  unyielding courage in the face of hardship or danger

Does this seem like a trait you have? Don’t let the text fool you, hardship doesn’t have to be something like homelessness or losing a job. A hardship could be missing an important deal, losing a major client, losing a good friend, or even the death of a loved one. For many these types of events can be crippling or life altering.

When you’re trying to become an Entrepreneur you’re going to experience a lot of ups and downs, but believe me when I say this: How you handle the downs define your character more than anything else in this world can. If you can leave a bad situation with a continued desire to move on and a willingness to learn from your mistakes than you, my friend, are showing some major grit.

Remember that when things are down you have to dig in deep to get them back up again. By handling these bad times you’re growing as a person and you’ll be much more capable of handling them well in the future also. Famous social media expert Gary Vaynerchuck says that most entrepreneurs born into money will fail because they’re “soft”. I completely agree with this opinion. By having to scratch and claw your way to the top you’ll be able to stay more grounded and you’ll be more likely to take your hits and continue onward.

So do you have grit? When you lose big do you keep on trucking or just throw in the towel? If you’re someone that loves to fight the odds and buck the trends then you just might have grit. Since no startup or business venture goes without a hitch, you’re going to be taking shots from many different angles. They could be from competition, regulation, or even your own staff; but I can promise you they’ll be there.

It’s for the reasons listed above that Grit is so important for an Entrepreneur and is why it must be in every Entrepreneurship Dictionary. So stay tough, don’t let others sway your commitment to your goals, and most importantly never stop fighting for your beliefs.

Work Hard. Believe. Accomplish.

What trait or word do you feel is absolutely necessary for the Entrepreneur? Let me know in the comments below and maybe I’ll feature your word in some upcoming Entrepreneurship Dictionary posts. Thanks for reading!

Give Up! Getting to be Your Own Boss Sooner.

So are you trying to become your own boss by running your own online empire? Well you should give up! Here’s what I mean and here is how it can help you get to your goals sooner.

When I say give up I obviously don’t mean to give up on your dream of becoming your own boss. It’s a play on words that hopefully can gain some attention. Instead I am talking about giving up the silly things that are running you into some money that could keep you from ditching your employer sooner than you’d like.

Think about it, if you’re blowing money on stupid things that aren’t really necessary than you could be delaying (or even killing) your ability to branch out on your own. It’s time to take some inventory on your budget and figure out what fat you can cut in order to start keeping more of your hard earned money in your pocket. Once you’ve cut some items out of there you didn’t need you can actually be your own boss sooner since you won’t require as much money to live day to day.

I know some of you may say to me: “Eric, I love my Starbucks. I feel like I deserve that little bit of extra to keep me sane.”

Hey I agree with you! You shouldn’t cut your budget down to a point where you’re miserable, but also you can try to cut things down, but not entirely. For example I love to dine out and enjoy someone else cooking, but if I can cut that in half I can still get my fix without having to spend an entire fortune on dining bills. So in the case of your Starbucks addiction I would say moderation is the key.

It all comes down to priority in the end. What’s your biggest priority? Having your Latte every single morning or being able to make all your own rules? If you find more joy in a cup of Espresso than I have no issue with that, just don’t complain on your Twitter about how much you hate your employer.

4 Perfect Reasons to Use Lists in Your Videos

So here’s an article on lists and why they’re great for your videos. Get this, the article about how lists are great is indeed a list itself! Oh the irony here! So I have 4 great reasons for using lists in your videos.

1. It will keep your information organized.

So if you’re putting things into a list than you will have an organization. For example, this article covers 5 key points on why I feel lists are amazing to use. If I didn’t put it in a list format I could be all over the place, but since it’s organized into a list it keeps things right in place where they belong.

So don’t wander all over the place in your videos. Use lists to keep yourself organized.

2. People Like Structure

People enjoy knowing what to expect when they tune in for a video. If I post a video that is called Top 10 things you need in your daily life than you know exactly what to expect. What happens after I reveal #3 on my video? I bet you’d probably guess that the reveal of #2 is up next. So this gives your videos a nice level of structure that is easy to follow for people.

3. It keeps users hooked onto your video.

Since people like structure and know what to expect in your video it should be no suprise that list videos can keep users attention more. Even if a list of “10 Favorite free PC programs” would include things that don’t interest you; you may still stick around to see the other 9 programs.

On YouTube retention and watch time is king. So being able to cast out that hook and reel in users can really pay off big dividends for you.

4. Statistically it is more clickable.

Making a list video and using some numbers in the title is not just a good idea, it’s a freaking great idea. Independent studies have proven that number based titles are more clickable in test groups. Seeing that most people see the title and thumbnail first, it wouldn’t hurt to use this to your advantage. Take the following title names for example:

  • 6 ways to make the most amazing Martinis
  • Ways you can make your Martini more amazing
  • How to make some amazing Martinis
  • Ways to make a Martini amazing
  • Are your Martinis as amazing at these ones?

According to the people involved in the study, there is a huge preference towards the titles with numbers in them. In fact, this list is in order by effectiveness. It surprised me because I always thought my question titles were awesome. Apparently no one else thinks so.


So there you go, 4 reasons you need to start pumping out the list articles. Take a close look at news articles, YouTube videos, and search results. Before long you’ll notice so many people are using this list format to their advantage.

Stop Letting Yourself Be Inferior! – #wednesdaywisdom


This quote from the former First Lady Elanor Roosevelt is so true. Don’t worry too much about what others are telling you. People everywhere are going to come up with reasons why you can’t do something, why you won’t make it and why you should just give up.

It’s so important to remember…DON’T LET THEM DO IT. Deep down you know your worth and abilities so don’t allow someones opinion to alter the path that’s right for you.

Tips on Limiting Your Distractions and Getting Things Done

Social Media is a great tool that we can all use to make our lives better, but the same tool that can help us can also be our worst enemy. Working for yourself and starting a business can seem like a great idea to so many of us, but it’s very important that we remain disciplined and audit ourselves to keep productivity high. When you’re on a computer most of the day it’s very easy to be distracted by social media and phone usage. In fact, Facebook reports that the average user spends around 50 minutes on the platform daily. If you’re using sites like Facebook for a lot of non-work related items than you could be wasting a lot of productivity on Cat videos and Dank memes.

So how do we limit our distractions and keep ourselves on track? Well here are a few tips that might for you some of you in reducing those awful, time wasting distractions. Follow this list and before you know it you can turn into a lean, mean, productivity machine. Enough of that, here’s the list.

Use Do Not Disturb on your Phone.

Androids and iPhones both have a Do No Disturb feature on them. This feature will prevent certain programs from alerting you with unnecessary notifications and it can be even set to block calls if you really want to focus some. You can customize the settings to prevent yourself from missing truly important information, but it’s great for blocking out a lot of the garbage that wastes your time.

Use Do Not Disturb Mode on Apple iPhone, iPod, and iPad.

Use Do Not Disturb Mode on Android Devices

Schedule your social media posts.

Sometimes I find myself logging into Twitter or Facebook so I can post on my business accounts. The only problem is that 40 minutes later I finally get around to doing it. By using a program like Hootsuite or Buffer to schedule tweets and posts in advance you can eliminate the need for you to log into your accounts throughout the day.

Usually I’ll pick one day of the week when I sit down and schedule any posts for the entire week. This not only keeps you free to do other things the rest of the week, but it keeps your content on social media consistent and fresh.

Turn off TV and Music

The good old boob tube can be quite the distraction for sure. Turning it off along with a radio can really help boost your productivity. Although some people swear music helps them get things done, if this is the case for you than go for it.

I just find that whenever I am getting into an article writing session that I can not concentrate well with a television set playing. I can ignore it well, but certainly not 100%. So stay away from this and you should hopefully notice some increased productivity.

Schedule Specific Email and Social Media Time.

It’s so easy to check our email and social media accounts anytime we want, but should we really do that? Many successful people will tell you to set aside a specific time of day for checking emails, social media accounts, and the like. You can check your emails a few times a day, but try not to make it a habit of doing it constantly throughout the day. Stay focused on more important things that are going to be more beneficial to your business.

Try out the Pomodoro Technique

This is a simple technique that many people use. Basically the Pomodoro technique involves working on one thing for a 25 minute span and then following it with a short 5 minute break. Repeat this process as long as you need to in order to get things done.

This could be good for writing or even around the house dealing with chores. Although I don’t personally use this technique in my process I do feel that it could be beneficial to some so I’ve decided to include it in my post.



So hopefully these tips can help you become a better, more productive version of your already awesome self. If you have your own tips and tricks for keeping on task and avoiding distraction than stop holding out on us. I want to hear all about your advice in the comments section below.

Ways to Make Money Online Without Filling Out Stupid Surveys Etc.

So many of these silly little penny pinching blogs seem to target me with their ads on Facebook. They post a lot of the same type of content, but it all has a really similar theme to them. Many of these ads feature “great”, I use the term loosely, way to make money on the side. The problem with these methods is that most of them completely suck.

So I have come up with some other methods you can use to make real money. They’re not foolproof, but they certainly don’t include filling out hundreds of surveys for a few dollars or selling your email address to advertisers so you can get gift cards.

1. Create a YouTube Channel

It’s not extremely easy, but if you have talent and can create quality content than you can create a strong following on YouTube. Having a great following on YouTube can allow you to make a nice amount of money. Many people even turn this side hustle into a full time income. Wouldn’t that be just amazing?

So my suggestion for doing this is simple. Find something you enjoy doing, create a channel on YouTube and start spreading your videos on other social media networks, online forums, and other places people would be searching for your content.

Once you can get yourself a decent following you can make money in a variety of ways:

  • YouTube Monetization via Google Adsense
  • Get brand deals with companies.
  • Sell merchandise or a product.
  • Collect donations
  • Participate in affiliate programs.

This is a really broad subject that I’ll cover in more detail later on. For now, try to come up with a subject, a plan, and some content that you can gain a following on social media. Your best bet is to pick something you’re good at and enjoy doing.

2. Sell a Service on Fiverr

Fiverr is an online marketplace where users sell services to others for a set rate. It’s called Fiverr because products can be as low as $5 starting out.¬† This solution is fantastic for someone with a good technical skill such as graphic design, web design, transcription ability, voice over acting, and more.

Take something that you’re skilled in and browse Fiverr to see if it’s a good fit for their site. Chances are it will be because the site has so many categories on there. If you believe that you have something good to offer than sign up and create a “Gig” to get started.

Once you create a gig and price everything Fiverr will let you know when you’ve made a sale on it. Complete the gig to the satisfaction of the consumer and you’ll get paid. Fiverr keeps a portion of the money to cover it’s costs ($1 for every $5 you make) and the rest can be paid via direct deposit or PayPal.

3. Flip Products on eBay

Hit up Yard Sales, Flea Markets, and Craiglist looking for some good deals on products. Check to see how much they’re selling on eBay and pick up anything that seems like a good deal. I would suggest sticking to products you might have an expertise in.

Keep in mind that eBay has certain fees and PayPal does as well. So be sure you find a good deal and consider these fees or else you may end up on the losing end of this one. Despite the risks when done properly this side hustle can really make you some cash.

4. Start a Blog

It’s so easy to create a WordPress today. You can have a blog up and running in a day. I personally have a WordPress and a .Com registered with HostGator. It’s a simplistic process that requires no coding knowledge.

Post articles about a topic you’re interested in and submit these links to places like Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, etc. If your articles gain traction you can get a lot of good organic traffic for your website. Once you have your traffic there are a lot of great ways to make some extra money:

  • Google Adsense
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Sell Merchandise or services
  • Accept Donations

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