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    We can set up a website for you using the user-friendly WordPress content management system. We offer the ability to host, set up, customize, and manage the page based on your needs.

  • Free Tools For Creators

    My completely free guide gives you resources that will help you build content for social media. It includes free music, photos, editing tools, and analytic software. That's right, you can smile about this one.

  • Suggested Resources

    Web Hosting, Analytical Tools, Stock Photos, Royalty Free Music, and so much more. These are all resources that come highly suggested from myself and other experts in the industry.

  • My Personal Blog

    Articles I've written in regards to making websites, managing social media accounts, and building an amazing brand. It's all free and a great place to start.


My name is Eric Miner and I have been working with computers and websites for over 20 years. From the age of 9 I was building my first website on Netscape Navigator (Yes, that long ago) and haven't looked back since. Currently I hold a degree in Business Management, Microsoft Certifications in Word and Excel, and an IC3 Certification for demonstrating strong computer and internet knowledge.

Currently I've been developing my photo and video editing skills in order to build brands from complete scratch. I'm always searching for ways to improve upon my skills and better serve you.
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